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Thank you for your support! Our 2021 Mental Health Millage passed on May 4, 2021. Read the press release here.

Thank you to all the community leaders who supported mental health solutions and services and the GHS Community Mental Health Millage.

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The 2021 Mental Health Millage passed on May 4, 2021. Read the press release here.

Who Needs Mental Health Services?




Genesee Health System serves those who qualify for Medicaid, Healthy Michigan, the MI CHILD program, or those who have no insurance but meet eligibility requirements.


Our team also provides Assisted Outpatient Treatment for individuals in the court system who receive treatment as part of their probation. Other staff members also collaborate with law enforcement on training. 

We will never turn you away empty-handed. We will provide referrals and a road-map to health even if our services aren’t the exact fit for you.

You will never leave GHS empty-handed.

In June 2020, 40% of U.S. adults reported struggling with mental health or substance use. Vote YES for our 2021 Mental Health Millage and help us make a difference.

2021 Mental Health Millage Information

Mental Health Focus Areas

Focus Area #1: Law Enforcement/First Responders Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) Mental Health Response Training


Purpose: Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) for law enforcement and first responders including wages to attend training, cost of trainer(s) and other associated training costs.


Investment: $521,000

Focus Area #2: Law Enforcement/Mental Health Co-Response and Jail Diversion

Purpose: Provide co-response of mental health professional with law enforcement for triage/ assessment of need for treatment. Provide crisis de-escalation and hospital diversion/jail diversion. Promote safe de-escalation during mental health related calls.


Investment: $3,270,059

Focus Area #3: Court/Corrections Mental Health Supports and Services


Purpose: Support mental health related court activities (Mental Health Court, Assisted Outpatient Treatment programs) and corrections department related mental health supports and services with no stable or otherwise available funding stream when grant ends.


Provide supports and services in correction facilities such as mental health treatment, transition planning, linking/coordinating transitional needs.


Investment: $521,000

Focus Area #4: Suicide and Crisis Prevention

Purpose: Provide treatment services and conduct crisis/suicide prevention activities not otherwise fully funded through traditional funding sources


Investment: $521,000

Focus Area #5: Prevention and Crisis De-Escalation in the K-12 Community

Purpose: Provide supports and services to support student mental health and prevent incidence of potential crisis. Provide crisis de-escalation to students and their families.


Investment: $971,000

Focus Area #6: Crisis Center - Crisis Stabilization


Purpose: Crisis Center to provide triage, assessment, and crisis stabilization services in an alternate location to an emergency department or law enforcement center.


Investment: $3,270,059

Focus Area #7: Health and Wellness for Vulnerable Populations

Purpose: Health and wellness supports and services to be provided to vulnerable populations in an effort to prevent exacerbation of mental health conditions


Investment: $521,000

Millage Statements of Support:

GHS -  Everyone Benefits from Mental Hea

Who Benefits from Mental Health? 


Our whole community benefits from services that address substance abuse, criminal behavior, homelessness, desperation, and other social problems.​

GHS provides a wellness model that can begin at any stage of life: childhood, young adulthood, or adulthood, or later in life.

Because mental health is important throughout life.​

Perhaps you have struggled for years without any support or understanding of your symptoms or your options for a healthier life. GHS wants to change that for the better.

We will never turn you away empty-handed. We will provide referrals and a road-map to health even if our services aren’t the exact fit for you.

How Does the Community Benefit From Mental Health Services?

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Better Performance at School or Work

Poor mental health and stress can negatively affect performance and productivity, engagement with one’s work, communication, physical capabilities and daily functioning. Imagine going through your day with a renewed sense of purpose because of your improved mental and physical health. That’s something we can all appreciate!


By seeking professional help with Genesee Health System, you are starting your journey to better mental health practices and care. Take the first step today. 

Genesee Health System is dedicated to

removing the stigma surrounding mental illness.