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Millage FAQs


Q: What is the Genesee Health System?


A: Genesee Health System is the Community Mental Health Authority for Genesee County. GHS works with private insurance, Medicaid, and other funding entities such as the State of Michigan to provide services in the areas of behavioral health for adults, teens, and children.


Q: What services does Genesee Health System provide?

A: Check out the GHS Website to read about their services.

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Q: What is the difference between the Genesee Health System and Genesee Health Plan?


A. The Genesee Health Plan (GHP) provides basic preventive health care services including doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental care, labs, x-rays, mammograms and cancer screenings to Genesee County residents who qualify. GHP is a separate organization. For more information about Genesee Health Plan, visit


Genesee Health System is a behavioral health organization set up under State law to serve the mental health needs of Genesee County. 


Q: How do I get in contact with GHS?


  • For questions, call Customer Service at 810-257-3705 or 866-211-5455;

  • For services, call Access at 810-257-3740; or 

  • For the Crisis Line, call 877-346-3648.

Millage Funding Uses

Q: What will the mental health millage provide to the Genesee County community?


A: The GHS Mental Health Millage will provide unrestricted funds to GHS to offer programs all over Genesee County in the areas of crisis intervention, social work in the public schools, and embedded mental health experts with our law enforcement officers. See the Seven Focus areas.


On a broader scale, the GHS Mental Health Millage will provide money to meet the community’s behavioral health needs in ways that their current funding will not. 



Q: What services will the Public Health Millage money be used for?



Focus #1: Law Enforcement/First Responders CIT Mental Health Response Team

Focus #2: Law Enforcement/Mental Health Co-Response and Jail Diversion

Focus #3: Court/Corrections Mental Health Supports and Services

Focus #4: Suicide and Crisis Prevention

Focus #5: Prevention and Crisis De-Escalation in the K-12 Community

Focus #6: Crisis Center/Crisis Stabilization

Focus #7: Health and Wellness for Vulnerable Populations

Q: Why does GHS need millage money?


A: GHS receives a majority of its funding from Medicaid. Only individuals who qualify for Medicaid can use it for behavioral health care; and only for certain services. The unrestricted funds provided through the millage will allow GHS to provide the services needed in the community without any qualification restrictions or obstacles.

Q: What other funding does Genesee Health System receive?



  • Medicaid: for qualified patients and ‘medically necessary’ services

  • Grants: limited time, limited services

  • State General Funding: Has declined since 2010 which limits services

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Millage Rates

Q: How much will it cost me?


A: The average property owner will pay less than the cost of a gallon of milk a week to support behavioral health and address problems such as homelessness, criminal activity, and suicide prevention.

Q: How do I determine the taxable value of my property?


A: You can either call your community’s treasurer and ask them for the taxable value of your property. Or you can look at your recent tax bill for the taxable value.


Q: How can I figure out how much this will cost me?


A: Once you know your taxable value, use the following formula:


(Taxable Value) divided by 1,000 = X multiplied by 0.94(millage) = yearly cost/365 = day cost


For example:

$25,000/1000 = $25 x 0.94 = $23.50/365 (days per year) = $.06 or 6 cents a day

Ballot Information

Q: Why is the GHS millage on the May ballot?


A: In 2020, the pandemic intensified many of the mental health needs already recognized by GHS in the Genesee County community. While GHS was unable to get ballot language approved for the November 2020 election, we continue to pursue the issue and the funding to meet all of the coming needs as the COVID vaccines become more widely available and our world reopens for in-person contact again.

Q: Who pays for a millage election?


A: Genesee County County Clerk’s office and other municipalities will share in the cost of the May 4th election. 


Q: What is the exact ballot language?

A: You can read the full ballot language here.



Q: Why did GHS need the County Commissioners’ approval to put the millage on the ballot?


A: The Genesee County Commissioners saw the need to provide mental health services to the residents of Genesee County.  The vote was 5-3 to place the millage language on the ballot.


Q: What do I need to know about the ballot issue for Genesee Health System Mental Health Millage?



  • Dates of effect: December 1, 2021 to 2030 (ten years)

  • Size of millage request: .94 mills (.94 cents per $1000. Of property value)

  • Annual revenue: approximately $9.5M


Q: When will absentee ballots be mailed out for the May 4, 2021 election?

A: Absentee Ballots will be mailed starting out by March 20, 2021. 


Q: How do I apply for an absentee ballot?

A: Please visit the following website:


Or you can call your local clerk’s office to request an absentee ballot application to be mailed to you. 


To find your local city, township or village clerk’s office, visit the following website:


Genesee Health System is dedicated to

removing the stigma surrounding mental illness.